PS4 First Thoughts

So I’ve decided to get a PlayStation 4, mainly to play the exclusive games that aren’t available on PC or Xbox One. And these are my initial thoughts coming from an Xbox and PC background. I should note that I currently have 2 games to try out with the system: Horizon Zero Dawn and Nier Automata.

First thoughts in no particular order. I really like the ability to sync with Facebook fairly easily and pull a tonne of your friends who have a PSN account linked with Facebook to quickly populate a friends list. I do think that Xbox has this feature too. The initial setup was pretty painless which was good.

The UI felt familiar but still took a while to get accustomed to as the only other PlayStation I have used was a first generation PlayStation Portable (PSP), but still was simnifically different to the Xbox UI I have become familiar with over the past 3 years. Games would launch and install super quickly, at what felt like a tenth of the time if that.

Hardware wise it’s about the same size as an Xbox One S and also supports 4K upscaling just like the Xbox, although I don’t know who this actually handles as I don’t game at 4K!

The controller is almost the same, with different naming conventions in games to get used to however the touch bar isn’t really a thing that I’ve found to be utilised outside of the keyboard, but even then there’s also the gyro-scope in the controller to make it act like a “wand”. These I find to be a gimmick as it’s easier to just use the joystick.

Another thing I really like about the console is it’s ability to quickly resume an app or game after it has been suspended or the console has been put into rest mode.

Has my experienced converted me to either a PS4 fanatic or a console die-hard? Still no. I still find it easier and better, albeit more expensive to get into in the first place. More on the 2 PS4 games I have later.


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